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Marika + Yeltsen (Couple Session at Makapu'u Beach Trail)

To say that this shoot was amazing would be an understatement. The sunlight was downright perfect, the couple was beautiful and fun, and the location was absolutely stunning. This was the kind of session that transports me into another world. This is one of the main reasons I love shooting couples. Seeing two people so happy and in love makes me forget there is imperfection in the world and for a moment I am able to sit in complete happiness. Thanks to these two lovebirds for making this shoot more than amazing.

Karli + Mel (Couple Session at Makapu'u Beach Trail)

This session took place along a long, rustic trail to the beach, which is now one of my favorite locations on the island! It's amazing how many wonderful photoshoot locations you can find when you look carefully. Even though the sky was overcast, and the sun was hidden amongst all the clouds, this shoot was beautiful. I have known Karli for years, so when she asked me to take photos of her and Mel, I was so ready! It was so fun frolicking along the path with these two and getting to know them together.

Jade + Ken (Couple Session at Waimanalo Beach)

My first couples shoot this summer could not have gone better! Although the wind was working against us, we missed golden hour by a hair, and Ken's pants were soaked by the end of the session, the cute moments shared between Jade and Ken made it a success. 

I grew up with Jade. Our moms are best friends, so we saw each other through every chapter of our lives. We had countless playdates, sleepovers, and study sessions with each other growing up, and even though we didn't realize it until high school, we are like sisters to each other. After going our separate ways in college and not seeing each other for two years, witnessing her happiness with Ken was touching and having the privilege to capture some of it was an honor. Happiness is definitely contagious.