Alyssa + Summer


My friends and I set off to find some great photo spots in Spokane. Let me tell you, it was quite the adventure (much more than usual). We took a long drive in some beautiful farm country and made a stop in front of what looked like a large corn field. With the sun behind the clouds and about two hours from setting, we were able to capture some perfectly lit (but not overexposed) photos of the girls. Some even looked like they were taken in a road right next to the beach in Hawaii! The first spot was quite the success, so we happily continued along. 

Our second attempted stop (I say attempted because it didn't work out), was a little rougher than the first. There was a yellow and green speckled field with some beautiful evergreen trees beyond it, so of course, I wanted to stop. I should mention that in order to take photos near the field, we had to pull off-road to park and safely get out of our cars. So I pulled over onto the side of the road and started to reverse (like parallel parking) back. As soon as I started reversing I knew it was a horrible idea. I was reversing on a sand-like textured ground that could almost be classified as a ditch; I panicked as I imagined us flipped over on the side of the road. So no, we didn't get out at this field.

Despite our prior efforts, we kept on. We passed a gated farm and Summer mentioned that she liked the look of the gate. I pulled over and parked (successfully this time) and was able to get more beautiful and stunning photos of them. When I thought we had enough, we headed back into the car. When I stuck my keys into the ignition, the plastic part (the part that has all the buttons on it) detached completely from the metal key part. That was sad, but I didn't think too much of it. I started the car and shifted into drive, but the car would not go anywhere! I started the car about five more times before calling my dad and fiance for help. My dad ended up calling a tow truck as we proceeded to freak out. Finally, Alyssa called her dad and he suggested to put the key back together and hold it into place until we started the car. Sure enough, the car worked perfectly and it was a built in security function in my key! I'm happy to say that we are all safe and sound in our homes, reflecting on the scary, yet successful day.