A Year in Review: 2018

Earlier this year, I opened this business, Taylor White Photography. I picked up my hobbyist camera that had been sitting in its case for two years, and I finally learned to use it (rather than let it use me). Within two months I had 15 photo sessions and wonderful new business plans. I jumped right in, working with wedding vendors and couples, slowly building my portfolio, an exciting and trilling endeavor. I made enough to upgrade to a full frame camera and start building my lens collection. After shooting a couple weddings and planning a few styled shoots, I decided to pursue wedding photography.

Something people don’t know about me is that I am also pursuing a career as a Marriage and Family therapist. Since high school, I knew I wanted to work with people, helping them in their mental health and discovering who they are, so I chose to study psychology in undergraduate school. As I transition into graduate school, I recognize that my job as an MFT will be hard, and sometimes may break my heart as I walk with people through brokenness. The therapeutic relationship sees people through their lowest and hardest moments, and often reminds me that of the world’s depravity, however, it also shows me the resilience and strength that humans possess. Photographing weddings gives me a chance to experience love, wholeness, and happiness to its fullest. Working with my couples makes me a better person, hopeful and ready to serve others.   

As a photographer, one of my main goals is for my clients to leave their session feeling known, loved, and beautiful. In our individualistic world where there is a lack of encouragement and love, I hope to leave my clients feeling empowered, my photographs just a product of the memories made. I am blessed to have found this passion of photography; the people I’ve met in this industry and working with my clients has given me a sense of purpose and fulfillment and has truly changed my life for the better.  

2018 has been the most amazing year. I took a leap of faith and started this little business, which has changed my life. Thank you to my clients for trusting me to capture your big moments and for investing in me. Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me every step of the way. Starting this business was beyond what I ever though I could do, and I am so grateful for this passion God has gifted me and for bringing such wonderful people into my life through it.

My 2019 business resolutions are...

1. Go into each session with a more artistic eye, not with the goal of matching my Instagram profile or achieving a trendy look, but rather with the goal of creating art that is most beautiful for that environment.

2. To market toward my ideal client, but don’t shy from opportunities that may take me outside my comfort zone.

3. Focus on my own victories and business journey and look to others for inspiration rather than a comparison.

4. Encourage others, even competitors, and create community with this little business.

5. Make my client experience a top priority, creating images and freezing memories made during the session as well as big moments in my client’s life.

6. Give back and thank God for every little step and success I have.

7. In the midst of the business-aspect of Photography, don’t forget to have fun.


Taylor Svetlichny