Using an Instagram Giveaway to Kickstart Your Business | How it Works

Ever wonder why you see so many giveaways on Instagram? Every holiday, special event, and number of followers reached seems to be a reason to have a social media giveaway. Why do so many businesses give away free services whenever they have an excuse? Let me tell you why!

If you are a photographer or small business owner, you probably rely heavily on social media for marketing. Social media is a wonderful tool and, if used correctly, has the ability to bring in tons of business. In this digital age, people are constantly looking at Instagram and Facebook for entertainment, and more and more for service recommendations. While giving away services may seem counterintuitive, these contests can be powerful marketing strategies for business looking to grow.

The structure of your contest is the most important piece of having a giveaway. With the right components, you can jumpstart the growth of your business. The following giveaway structure is an example of how I normally format my giveaway posts to gain the most benefit for my business.


Here are three benefits to doing social media giveaway's:

  1. Reach more people and increase engagement. People love free stuff. Having a giveaway is a great way to turn heads and gain exposure. One way to do this is by having the person like and comment on your post to enter. This increases engagement which signifies trust and popularity. While popularity and number of followers shouldn’t be at the forefront of your business motto, these small differences can make large impacts on how you are perceived to the client.

  2. Gain potential future clients and foster community. If you structure your giveaway guidelines correctly, you can build your following. One of the guidelines I always include is for the person to follow my Instagram account. These people will usually continue to follow me regardless of if they won the giveaway, and they can stay in the loop about what I offer and may potentially turn into future clients!

  3. Snowball effect. One of the best benefits of running a giveaway is something I call snowball marketing. The most important guideline, in my opinion, is to have the person comment on the post, tagging someone else who might be interested in entering the giveaway. I allow multiple entries, and even offer more to share the post in their Instagram story. This method gives you exposure that is multiplied each time someone enters. That person may tag someone who decides to tag 10 people, and maybe three of those people enter and tag 10 more people, and so on.

Giving away free services is an easy, quite fun, and a generous way to share your business with others and kickstart growth.

Taylor Svetlichny