Sera + Elliott (Proposal and Engagement in Honolulu, Hawaii)

I met Elliott and Sera for the first time about a year ago, and we instantly hit it off! Their whole visit was filled with immense laughter and fun adventure. When Elliott told Michael and I he had a ring and was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Sera on their trip back to Hawaii this summer, I was PUMPED! We decided that Michael would take him and Sera on a sunrise hike, where I would already be hiding in the bushes to capture the moment he got down on one knee. When the day finally came, everything went perfectly! The look on Sera's face was absolutely priceless and I could not have been happier to be part of their special day! 

Soon after the proposal was their engagement session. It was a perfect day in Hawaii; In addition to the perfect weather and beautiful sunset, Sera and Elliott were the perfect subjects. Their sweet session left me smiling for days! So honored to be part of their love journey.