Bohemian Styled Bridal Shoot at Bowl and Pitcher

Since I moved from Hawaii to Spokane, I had been dreaming of doing a winter shoot, and although it did not snow at the time of our shoot, it was just as dreamy. Susanna Brogan, my amazing photographer friend, enthusiastically jumped right in to the planning process! Our inspiration was a bohemian look, and things started to come together when we chose our dress and headpiece at Honest in Ivory.

The shoot was even better than imagined! I picked up the beautiful flowers and headed to Sweet Josephine Cakes, where I was able to experience and admire Josie’s cake decorating skills. Susanna and I got to Bowl and Pitcher early to help Nic Nac Nell’s set up, and were in awe from the start. When Alex and Taylor showed up, we knew it would be a perfect shoot. Smoke bombs, Chinese lanterns (thank you Susanna), cake, flowers, love…I don’t think anything could have gone better. This shoot left me smiling for days, thankful for all the wonderful businesses I had the privilege of working with.


Photographer: Taylor White Photography

Models: Alex Winslow and Taylor Garnica

Dress: Honest in Ivory

Tuxedo: Tuxedo Gallery

Florist: Rose and Blossom

Cake: Sweet Josephine Cakes

Rentals: Nic Nac Nell’s

Hair: Hair by Hare

Make Up: Make Up by Alexa Elise


Taylor Svetlichny